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433 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 4C9
Our Booking Policy
Please note there is a non-refundable fitting fee of $40 that will be charged prior to your fitting.
This fee will be deducted from your bra/swim purchase.

Please book 1 appointment per customer.

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About us

We are a company that believes that women should celebrate their bodies therefore; our aim is to provide a wide selection of bras and swimwear in different styles, shapes and sizes to reflect the many wonderful female forms. We are happy to help you find styles that not only feel comfortable and supportive, but will also make you feel fantastic!

Opening hours

Booking policy


5 reviews
  • Renee Arthur·

    Amazing website and shop, awesome selection/styles and wonderful service. Feel comfortable and trust them implicitly to help me find exactly what I need. Rare and precious indeed!

  • Brit·

    I am a repeat customer here because I just find the whole experience so professional and fun. I always find more than what I came in for and the staff really know their stock and fittings!

  • Lynda·

    Wonderful experience! Comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable fitters! Thank you ladies!

  • Alex·

    I had the most incredible experience at my appointment today. I am so grateful for the one-on-one attention. The kindness and skill was fantastic. I love the purchase I made and I got exactly what I needed despite having a very large bust size. Thank you again for the experience. I cannot wait until I can come by again! Thanks Amber, you made this a beautiful experience and I have never had such a great bra fitting! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Catherine·

    Fantastic and friendly staff and amazing selection. Thank you!


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